Deal Health Index

This index (score) represents how well each deal is maintained in PipeDrive CRM. It is from 1 (the worst) to 5 (the best).

We look at several parameters of the deal:

  • Activities

    • none in the last 40 days

    • none for next 30 days

    • none in the future

  • Deal value

    • is it zero?

    • changed often (3x in last 100 days)

  • Close date

    • none

    • in the past

    • in the next 30 days

    • changed often (3x in the last 100 days)

  • Deal owner

    • changed recently (2x and more in the last 100 days)

  • Pipeline progress

    • skipped stage in the pipeline

And we calculate the index for every deal and every day. You can see the Health Index for the whole company or average for the owner (sales manager) and compare it on Pipeline Health page.

Index doesn't guarantee that the deal will be successful, but that the deal is well managed in CRM. The reality can be different from the information in CRM :-).

It helps you to focus on deals with a low health index.

You can see deals by the parameters in the table on Deals to watch.


You don't have to create a lot of filters in Pipedrive and you get it all in one number. You know what to focus on - identify and correct problematic deals.